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Housing Benefit

Apply for Housing Benefit

If you live in Poole you can claim Housing Benefit from the Borough of Poole to help towards the cost of renting your home.

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Who can claim?

Anyone who is liable to pay rent for living in their home. Your landlord could be the Council , a Housing Association or a private landlord but it cannot be a close relative, such as your parents, if you live with them. You may rent a whole house or just a room and you may have a shared liability with other tenants.

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How much can I claim?

The amount of help will depend on your personal and family circumstances, for example how much money you have coming in each week.

You can get an estimate of your Housing Benefit using  these benefit calculators.

If you are already receiving Housing Benefit but the benefit payment amount does not cover your eligible rent and you are suffering hardship as a result, then you can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment.

How do I claim Housing Benefit?

You can apply for Housing Benefit by:

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Tell us about a change in your circumstances

If you are already getting Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and your personal or household details change, you must tell us immediately. If you don’t tell us about a change and we pay you too much benefit, you will probably have to pay it back.

You must tell us if:

  • the money you or your partner get changes
  • you change address (see below)
  • anyone moves in or out of the home
  • the amount of capital or savings you have changes
  • your rent changes
  • you or your partner are going to be away from home for four weeks or more
  • anything you previously told us changes

You can access our online forms or you can download and complete the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Change in Circumstance Form or let Benefits know your new circumstances straightaway. We must know of changes within 21 days of the date of change.

If you are considering a change, you can see the potential changes to all other benefits you receive at the Department for Work and Pensions' Benefit Advisor web page.

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Tell us about a change in your address

If you already receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and you are moving address, it is very important that you tell us immediately. Any delay may affect the date the benefit is paid from and the amount you may receive.

You can complete a form and submit it online.

Alternatively you can download and complete the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Change of Address Form. You must let this Benefits Service know within 21 days of the change.

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View details of your benefit claim online

You can view a range of your own personal information through this website, including benefits information. For example you can check when the next payment is due and how much it will be for, how your benefit has been worked out and what letters have been sent to you about your claim.

Go to online services for more details.

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Other information:

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