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Your Borough Of Poole

Bills and Statements

Viewing your personal information

You can view a range of your own personal information through the website including:

  • Council Tax – view property details, detailed statements and correspondence sent to you
  • Business Rates (Non Domestic Rates) – view rateable values, correspondence sent to you and detailed statements
  • Housing Benefits – view details of your current and previous benefit claims, correspondence sent to you and see how your claim is calculated
  • Landlord Services – view details of your tenants housing benefit payments, previous payment details and invoices raised

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Currently Registered Users

Click here to enter this area of our website

How to get started

  1. To get started you need to register your details and choose a password. Please use this link to enter this area of our website
  2. You’ll then be able to go to My Profile where you can request a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for each service you wish to view for example Council Tax. You’ll need your personal reference number that you’ll find on your relevant bill for example Council Tax, Business Rates
  3. Once we receive your registration details by e-mail we will write to you with a PIN within five working days
  4. When you receive your letter, enter your PIN along with your personal reference number. You’ll only need to do this once (for each service you wish to view)

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Receiving electronic bills

Once you are registered and subscribed to view your personal information (please see 'How to get started' section above) you can also apply to receive your Council Tax and Business Rates bills by email.

To do this, select the E-billing Sign Up link on the Accounts Summary page, tick the box to confirm you have read and accept the terms and conditions, click proceed and then set the 'New Status' field to Sign up to e-billing (via email hyperlink), enter and confirm your email address and click confirm. You will then be sent an email asking you to log in to validate your email address and complete the processing of your e-billing request.

When this has been set up, each time you are sent a bill, adjustment or other notice you will receive an e-mail notification which will contain a link to take you to the Login page and then directly to the Correspondence page where new bills and statements will be highlighted.

You can amend your e-mail address or cancel electronic bills at any time by amending the 'Email Address' or 'New Status' fields in the  E-Billing Sign Up page and clicking confirm.

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Help and assistance

If you have any queries or if you have been locked out of the system, please email svpp@poole.gov.uk

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