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Your Borough Of Poole

Council Tax and how it is spent

This year 17/18 we will spend £279million (gross) to deliver essential public services to Poole’s residents.

We will take care of a huge range of major local services such as;

  • education
  • social services
  • waste collection & disposal
  • transport
  • libraries
  • housing
  • planning applications
  • open spaces & leisure services
  • housing standards 

These services are paid for by Council Tax, national taxation and local service charges.

The Council Tax booklet explains how our overall budget is made up and how Council Tax contributes to this. It also includes overviews from Dorset Police & Dorset Fire & Rescue Service on their plans and budgets.

How can I participate in the Budget Process in the future?

Attend your local Area Committee Meetings - these are held in the evenings in community venues across the borough. They are split into five different areas and they take place every two months. Together, elected Poole Councillors, council officers and residents discuss issues of local importance. Look out for dates, times and what's up for discussion in the Councillors, Committees and Council Meeting Information section of the website. Adverts also appear in the Poole Advertiser and Community Magazines.

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