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Council Tax Disability Relief

A council tax payer can apply for disablement relief, which is a reduction based on the property having been adapted, if one of the occupiers is disabled and the property has been adapted in some way to meet the needs of the disabled person. If the application is successful Council tax will be charged at the band immediately below the property and if the property is already in band A then the reduction will be 1/9th of the charge for band D.

To qualify one of the following conditions must be met :

  • A room which is not a bathroom, lavatory or kitchen must have been set aside to assist the disabled person to cope with their disability

  • The property has a second kitchen or bathroom used predominately by the disabled person due to their condition

  • A wheelchair is used indoors

If you consider that you are entitled to a reduction and it is not already shown on your bill, you can apply for a discount by downloading and completing Council Tax Application for Disablement Relief or by contacting Financial Services.

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