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Commercial Waste and Skip Hire

For further information and prices please contact us on:           

01202 261709 

Commercial Waste and Skip Hire

We are a commercial waste service operated by Borough of Poole:

  • recycling and refuse services

  • 180 to 1100 litre bins

  • 4 and 6 cubic yard skips

  • commercial and domestic service

Why Choose Us?

  1. we offer a wide range of waste management options and that could save you both time and money

  2. our dedicated experienced team will design tailor made solutions for your individual waste requirements

  3. we offer competitive prices and a prompt, efficient service to all areas in Poole

  4. guaranteed safe transportation of waste including full documentation compliant with relevant legislation

  5. our local knowledge and commitment to enhancing Poole's environment make us the number one choice for your waste management solutions

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Services We Offer 

Wheeled bin containers and collections

The type of container and frequency of collection will depend upon the individual needs of your business. We can provide:

  • various wheeled bin sizes to meet your needs and limits on space
  • bag collections may be available where it is not possible to site a container at your premises. This can be arranged by purchasing stickers from us that have to be applied to refuse bags.

Bin Sizes

  • 180 litres
  • 240 litres
  • 360 litres
  • 660 litres
  • 1100 litres

Let us advise you and design an alternative and innovative approach to handling your waste. We operate a service seven days a week including bank holidays (except Christmas Day).

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Commercial recycling

We offer a competitively priced recycling service. Please see below for a list of materials that can and cannot be accepted.

paper and cardboard plastics metals glass

Yes please

Yes please  Yes please  Yes please
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • catalogues
  • junk mail
  • telephone directories
  • cardboard
  • envelopes
  • books
  • shredded paper
  • milk / juice cartons 
  • all plastic bottles
  • plastic bottle tops
  • plastic food containers e.g yogurt pots, meat trays, margarine tubs, ice cream containers
  • food tins
  • drink cans
  • lids from jars
  • large tins e.g. biscuit and sweet tins 
  • aerosols
  • aluminium foil
  • foil trays
  • all bottles and jars e.g. jam jars, wine bottles, mayonnaise jars 

no thanks

no thanks

no thanks

no thanks

  • wet paper
  • textiles
  • wood
  • sanitary waste
  • hazardous waste 


  • plastic bags
  • expanded polystyrene
  • bubble wrap
  • plastic film
  • hard plastics e.g. drainpipes
  • oil containers
  • food waste
  • garden waste
  • light bulbs
  • fluorescent tubes
  • mirror glass
  • pyrex
  • window glass

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Commercial skip hire

The skip service supplies skips to local businesses and private residents when needed. We provide delivery or collection within 24 hours of your request. If you are unsure about the size of the skip we will be pleased to advise you.

Skip Containers:

  • 4 cubic yard
  • 6 cubic yard 
(cubic metres/cubic yards)
height (metres/feet)
width (metres/feet)
length (metres/feet)
6 yard
4.6 / 6
1.24 / 4’1”
1.78 / 5’ 10”
3.50 / 11’ 6”
4 yard
3.04 / 4
1.0 / 3’ 4”
1.78 / 5’ 10”
2.36 / 7’ 9”

We can accept a wide range of commercial waste and recycling streams

  • construction and demolition waste
  • green waste
  • mixed metals
  • wood

At least 70% of our skip waste is recycled. This year we have recycled 82% of all our skip waste.

Before booking a skip, it will help us if you can estimate / visualise the actual amount of rubbish you want to discard - this should reflect the size of the skip that you order.

Remember not to overload your skip, unfortunately we are unable to empty overloaded skips as they can damage our machinery and are dangerous whilst being transported.

The following materials must not be put in your skip or bin:

  • plasterboard
  • large or small electrical equipment (such as fridges, freezers, TV's, VDU's, monitors, fluorescent light tubes and batteries)
  • paint or paint cans
  • oils
  • any liquids
  • raw foods
  • asbestos
  • tyres
  • tarmac

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Commercial Waste Disposal Sites and Clinical Waste

Commercial waste is accepted at the Nuffield Transfer Station for a charge but not at the Nuffield Household Waste Recycling Centre (the tip). We do not operate any services for the disposal of commercial clinical waste. 

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Skip Operators Licence

If you are a skip company already registered with us, and want to place a skip on the highway, apply here.

If you are a skip company wishing to place skips on the highway then you must register with us. Please contact Environmental Services.

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