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Tables And Chairs Licence

What is a tables and chairs licence

You need consent to use part of the highway for the placing of tables and chairs outside your business for the consumption of food and drink.

Consent is discretionary and the success of the application will depend on a number of factors such as the proposed location and existing footway widths.

There is a fee payable to obtain a permit, please contact us for details. There is also an annual fee payable in order to continue to use the permit once it has been issued. We cannot refund all or part of this fee.


Permits are issued under the Highways Act 1980 and each permit has standard terms and conditions although other conditions may be added. These conditions must be adhered to and the sites are monitored throughout the tear to ensure compliance. You may not need consent if the land you propose to use if your own property, however you may need planning permissions for change of use of this land.

Further information

Further information and application forms for highways consents can be obtained by contacting us. Further information on planning issues can be obtained from planning services.

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