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Your Borough Of Poole

Product Safety

Ensure you use or supply laser pens responsibly. 

We will provide advice to Poole businesses, and investigate consumer complaints to ensure that traders in Poole only supply safe consumer products.

Unsafe products

Product safety recalls

Where to seek further advice

Buy Wise Be Safe - guidance for parents and businesses

Laser Pen Dangers

Unsafe products

If you are a consumer who has been supplied with a product intended to be used by the general public and you believe it is unsafe then please email us or phone us on the number given below.

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Product safety recalls

A list of products that have been recalled for reasons of safety can be found at Trading Standards Central.

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Where to seek further advice

Free guidance notes on product safety are available at the Business Companion.

Advice concerning child safety is available at the Child Accident Prevention Trust.

Borough of Poole is a member of SWERCOTS which is a partnership of 15 local authority trading standards services in South West England.

SWERCOTS has produced information for businesses and residents concerning safety. This is called:

Buy Wise Be Safe

  • Buy Wise Be Safe - guidance for parents/guardians on car seats, cots, fireguards, high chairs, smoke alarms, children's clothing, glass, poison, pushchairs, safety gates, safety marks and second hand goods.

However for more in-depth advice traders and consumers can contact us above.

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