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Weighbridge Operator

Weighbridge Operator Certificate

No one may operate public weighing equipment unless he/she holds a certificate of competence from us. 

Applicants for a certificate will be tested verbally and practically by an Inspector. They will be required to show that they can operate the weighbridge safely and correctly and complete all necessary paperwork satisfactorily. They will be required to show understanding of good weighing practice, weighing procedures, records and weighbridge tickets

It is our policy to limit the scope of any certificate to the weighbridge the operator will be expected to use. If the weighbridge is replaced or changed a new certificate will be required.

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Weighbridge ticket

  • A Weighbridge Operator must give a statement in writing of the weight found to the person demanding the weighing or to his agent (this may be an arrangement made formally or informally but the statement should always go with the vehicle).
  • They must enter the weight found on the weighbridge ticket. Only weights determined by the weighbridge operator should be inserted on the ticket.
  • If the driver intends to return after loading for a second weighing of the same vehicle to be recorded on the same ticket, the ticket should be retained until the second weighing is complete.
  • A Weighbridge Operator should never give out a ticket that has any blank spaces.
  • They must complete the other particulars required on the ticket.

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  • The Weighbridge Operator must ensure that a full record of each weighing is made.
  • These records must be kept for at least 2 years.

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Road traffic act (vehicle overloading)

Whilst not strictly a matter for a certificated Weighbridge Operator we would expect an operator to have a basic knowledge of vehicle weights.

If, having weighed a vehicle, a Weighbridge Operator suspects the weights to be in excess of that permitted for the vehicle on the highway they should draw the driver's attention to the weight record. Further, the ticket should be marked 'vehicle possibly overloaded'.

A Weighbridge Operator does not have authority to:

  • withhold the weighbridge ticket
  • prevent the vehicle leaving

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Offences and Penalties

Anybody found guilty of fraud in connection with a public weighing may be subject to a fine or to six months imprisonment or both.

Anybody found guilty of recording a false weight may be subject to a fine of up to £5,000.

If a Weighbridge Operator suspects any irregularities in a request for, or the use of, public weighbridge weighings, please contact us.

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Further Information

Copies of the Weights and Measures Act 1985 and other relevant legislation can be purchased from the Office of Public Sector Information.

This information is only a brief guide, for further information please contact us.

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