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Poole Parents' Voice

Parents’ Voice is a forum for parents whose children attend Poole schools that is run by parents who chair and minute the meetings and decide on agenda items.

Purpose of Parents' Voice

Parents' Voice exists:

For parents of children who attend Poole Schools to:

  • learn about and discuss current educational issues at both a local and National level.
  • give feedback to all other parents of children attending the schools they represent regarding educational issues discussed at the meetings.
  • be made aware of any changes both at a local and National level.

For parents representing others to consult with the other parents at the school they represent and ensure that the wider views are also brought to meetings.

Membership of the group

Each school is entitled to two representatives, each with voting powers.

  • Best endeavours should be made to recruit two parents in each school.
  • Where that does not happen, a parent of any child in Poole may represent a school, with the permission of the Headteacher. Positions to be reviewed annually.

If a representative is unable to attend they should nominate another parent from the school they represent to stand-in.

Frequency of meetings

Meetings are held once a term during the academic year, on Monday evenings at the Civic Centre.

Representation on other groups

Poole Parents’ Voice will provide:

  • representatives for the Poole Parent Carer Special Needs Forum
  • representatives for other consultative groups as requested by the Local Authority (eg Admissions Forum, School Organisation Committee).

Role of each representative on Poole Parents’ Voice

Each parent representative:

  • has a key role in feeding back to all parents in the school they represent the issues discussed at each Parents’ Voice Meeting.
  • will also ensure they seek the views of other parents in the schools they represent and feed these back at meetings.
  • will endeavour to inform the Governing Body of their school of the agenda items and any outcomes from the meetings.

The role of the Local Authority

The Local Authority will:

  • ensure a venue is provided.
  • ensure that the forum is used to inform, consult and make parents aware of educational policy, including any changes at a local and National level.

You can read the minutes of previous meetings.

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