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Youth Offending Team

Who are the Youth Offending Team?

Different organisations have come together to reduce youth offending. These include ourselves, Bournemouth Borough Council , Dorset Police , Dorset Probation TrustNHS South

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What We’re About

The Borough of Poole and Bournemouth Borough Council work together to provide a Youth Justice Service for our respective boroughs. Our information on this page provides an outline of our work. For more information please contact the Youth Offending Team for Bournemouth & Poole directly.

The primary responsibility of the youth justice system is to prevent offending by children and young people.

The team is committed to:

  • The swift administration of justice so that every young person accused of breaking the law has the matter resolved without delay
  • Confronting young offenders with the consequences of their offending, for themselves, their family, their victims and the community
  • Punishment proportionate to the seriousness and persistence of offending
  • Reinforcing the responsibilities of parents
  • Helping young offenders to tackle problems associated with their offending and to develop a sense of person responsibility
  • Maintaining, as a cornerstone of all provision, equal access, equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice

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Contact Details

Youth Offending Team for Bournemouth & Poole

Bournemouth and Poole Youth Offending Service
Bournemouth Learning Centre
Ensbury Avenue
BH10 4HG

Tel: 01202 45 39 39
Fax:  01202 45 39 40

The Youth Justice Board website shows how the Youth Justice System works, and what and who is involved.

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Court Procedures

The Youth Offending Team is responsible for the supervision and implementation of nearly all orders imposed by the Youth Court on young people who have been convicted of a criminal offence. An order details what punishment people must receive for their offences. Further details can be found on these court procedures , implementation of orders and other orders imposed, including community rehabilitation orders  (previously called probation orders), referral orders, reparation orders and supervision orders.

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Remand Placements

Young people may be remanded from the Court to secure accommodation, remand fostering, approved lodgings etc. The Youth Offending Team helps the Court and the Police to access appropriate remand accommodation.

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Court Liaison Work

The team will provide an effective and efficient service to the Youth Courts and Crown Court, giving advice and information with the aim of minimising delays in the Crown Court process.

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Pre-sentencing Reports & Specific Sentence Reports

When required, the Youth Offending Team will provide Youth Courts and Crown Courts with high quality, targeted, Pre-sentence Reports and Specific Sentence Reports to assist sentences. This assessment of the young offender will be in line with National Standards.

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Community Sentences

The Youth Offending Team aims to maximise the effectiveness of appropriate community based disposals. The team will:

  • Provide high quality supervision to young people
  • Work with parents and carers of young people as and when appropriate
  • Ensure that a variety of resources are available for such sentences

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Parenting Orders

The Youth Offending Team will work with parents and carers, helping them to get help in the community to make them more effective parents. The Youth Offending Team will ensure that a Parenting Programme is available to the Courts to be used as part of a Parenting Order.

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Custodial Sentences

The Youth Offending Team will:

  • Work to maximise the chances of young people sentenced to custody being successfully reintegrated into the community
  • Offer support to young offenders during their sentences and provide supervision after release, in accordance with National Standards
  • Work closely with the staff of secure accommodation to ensure that the young people's return to the community goes as smoothly as possible and that plans devised in the Institution can be carried forward in the community.

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Contact us

01202 453939

Bournemouth & Poole Youth Offending Service, Bournemouth Learning Centre,
Ensbury Avenue, Bournemouth
BH10 4HG