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Your Borough Of Poole

Community Development Team

Community Development are part of the Community Services Team.  We currently focus on 3 target areas of Poole
  1. Turlin Moor

  2. Poole Town 

  3. Alderney/ Rossmore

These communities are recognised as priority areas statistically shown to have the highest levels of deprivation and need for the town (Place Survey 2007, 2010). 
Our aim is to empower people to better themselves, their neighbourhoods and the lives of others living in their community by championing collective action and pro-active participation.
We achieve this by:

Growing Human Capital  

  • We support the formation of community groups.

  • We work with those community and voluntary organisations already in existence in our areas of focus. 

  • We identify and co-ordinate the strengths and skills that exist within the communities we work with and assess any gaps in capacity. 

  • We create opportunities for those who are engaged to expand their horizons through training and experiential learning.

  • We strengthen the voice of the community, especially the views of those with minority representation. 

Growing Social Capital 

  • We develop networks,   help form partnerships & build relationships to collectively overcome issues of common interest.

  • We use participatory techniques to plan and manage community-led projects.

  • We negotiate and facilitate the removal of obstacles to change. 

  • We help to co-ordinate the actions of other stakeholders to ensure better effectiveness and relevance of outcomes.

  • We strengthen communication links to improve the flow of information into and out of the Council, that can help inform decisions and strategy.

Growing Financial & Physical Capital  

  • We coach communities in techniques to source and access funding and to develop independence.

  • We identify the assets and resources that already exist within communities and highlight potential opportunities. 

  • We utilise our networks to sign-post groups to other suitable resources, events and facilities.   

Contact us


Daniel Biggs

Tel: 01202 633045

Email: performance@poole.gov.uk


Paula Wade

Tel: 01202 633430

Email: paula.wade@


Sarah Jane McLaren

Tel: 01202 633486

Email: SarahMcLaren@