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Your Borough Of Poole

Community Directories

Poole Family information directory
Up-to-date information on local activities, childcare and children and young people's services

Information and advice for older people about living safely and independently at home

Poole Well-being Collaborative
Supports Poole residents by giving access to information and services to reduce isolation and loneliness

Faithworks Wessex
Inspires and equips people on their journey out of isolation and poverty

Access Dorset
A user led organisation, run by disabled people, older people and carers, we work to remove the physical, attitudinal and communication barriers that exist and are faced daily by us

Arts in Poole
Useful information about arts in Poole

What’s on in Poole
Events taking place at various venues across Poole

Outdoor, open space projects and events across Poole
Up to date information about outdoor, open space projects and events in Poole

Fairtrade Poole
A project working towards Poole becoming a Fairtrade town

Sustainable Food City Partnership
A partnership of local people, businesses, community groups and public sector organisations which aims to revolutionise the way people grow, buy, cook, eat, celebrate and dispose of their food.

Contact us

To give feedback or for more information please email performance@poole.gov.uk