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Your Borough Of Poole

Severe weather 

Leaves in the rain

What is severe weather?

Severe weather can include gales, heavy rain, heavy snow, ice, thunder and lightning, heatwaves and dense fog. 

This can lead to flooding, power surges, damage to buildings and infrastructure, school closures and changes in Council services

Severe weather can also affect driving conditions and impact on your health

For up-to-date advice please use the appropriate link above or view our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Council links for impact of severe weather


Here you will find information regarding the local bus services and main commercial suppliers.

Waste Collections 

Use this link to view information regarding waste collections for the borough including refuse, recycling and garden waste. Information includes how to apply for the assisted collection service and other household specific details such as collection dates and how to order bins for a new property.

Building Emergencies 

 Use this link if you are concerned that a building or structure has become dangerous or unstable.

This Weather Widget is provided by the Met Office