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Your Borough Of Poole

What can Poole residents do to help?

The budget challenge is huge and many council services are going to change. But if we all do our bit we can keep Poole a great place to live, work, learn, play and do business. Here are some examples of how you can help:

  • Recycle more waste. Dealing with a tonne of recycling is £100 cheaper for us than dealing with a tonne of normal waste!

  • Go Online! Poole.gov.uk makes it easier for you to do everything online AND it saves us money. For example, digital contact costs are much lower – 20p per visit or £1 for a Garden Waste registration. This compares to £4 for dealing with a telephone call or £9 for a face to face contact. Using ‘Report it’ ensures that issues/requests get reported to the relevant department straight away.

  • Being neighbourly: Being a good neighbour means different things to different people. For some, it’s as simple saying ‘hi’ to each other, making sure your rubbish is put out on the right day, or helping out an elderly neighbour – it’s the little things that count towards making a big impression on how neighbourly your street, estate or building is. (link to being neighbourly page)

  • Be community minded: There are so many fabulous opportunities to give something back to Poole. Why not volunteer? Could fostering be for you? Or could you provide a short break for a disabled child? Work with like minded people to improve education in Poole.You could support isolated people to get to appointments or activities, help look after our beautiful environment or be a steward at one of our great arts events.  

  • Keep our streets clean and tidy. Dropping litter costs us money to clean up. For example to clean a bit of chewing gum from the ground costs us FIFTY times more than the price of that piece of gum!

  • Give us feedback. Because we are changing the way we work we need to hear what you think.  Please complete our consultations or if you want to stay in touch with opportunities to talk to use face to face key an eye on the Poole 2020 webpage.