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Your Borough Of Poole

What is your Vision for Poole’s future?

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Vision For Poole Image

The picture “Vision for Poole’s Future” was created by an artist listening to local people’s views.

Based on the needs and aspirations of local people, this represents the vision and ambitions for Poole in 2031.

Achieving the vision will involve the work of many different organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors as well as communities and residents of Poole. There are a range of partnerships that will contribute towards realising these ambitions.

By 2031, people want Poole to…

  • have strong and active communities
  • be safe and feel safe
  • have a successful economy
  • have a revitalised town centre
  • be a great place to grow up                                                                 
  • support independence and activity in later life
  • value its world class natural environment
  • have better health and wellbeing for everyone.

How will we know when we have got there?

To check how we are progressing towards achieving the Vision for Poole the Partnership will track the following issues:

  • residents are happy with Poole as a place to live
  • people feel safe and secure
  • Poole remains one of the safest places to live, visit and work in the UK
  • residents are satisfied with the low levels of litter in public spaces
  • carbon emissions are reduced
  • children and young people are achieving their potential
  • inequalities in health and poverty are reducing
  • people from different communities get on well together
  • Poole has sustainable economic growth
  • Poole town centre is lively and viable
  • a variety of good quality new homes are being built.

If you would like to know more please email community@poole.gov.uk or call 01202 633398.

Core Strategy Review

Work is underway on updating the Poole Core Strategy 2009. The Review will set out a strategic overview for the future development of Poole and a strategy for delivering the development aspects of the vision. If you would like to be involved, or make contributions to the forthcoming consultation, then please contact planning@poole.gov.uk

Download Vision for Poole’s future Image

Vision For Poole Download Image

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