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Recording Incidents of Anti-social Behaviour

Recording Incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour

This section gives you some advice on how to record incidents of anti-social behaviour by completing our diary sheets.  If you consider yourself or family to be at risk of harm, or a serious risk is posed to your property you must immediately contact the police by dialling 999.

What are diary sheets?

Diary sheets are sent following a complaint about anti-social behaviour. They enable us to identify what is happening and the next stages in your complaint. It is very important that the diary is accurately maintained so that we can progress your complaint in the most appropriate way.
To progress any complaint we need your support, co-operation and commitment, without it we will not be able to gather sufficient evidence to investigate and hopefully help you.  It does not take long to write each incident down but it is vital you find the time to do so. Please help us to help you!

How do I complete the diary sheets?

  • Complete the diary with your name, address and telephone number, add an e-mail address if you have one.
  • Write clearly, concisely and in block capitals. If we cannot read or understand your sheets they will be of no use to us. Record every incident.   If this is difficult please speak to your ASB Officer about alternatives.
  • Include the date and exact time the incident began and ended. If it ended and then started again on the same day please mention this.
  • Give us the location of the incident, it may be different to your home address. If the location is not an address please describe it as accurately as possible. Also name each location if the incidents are occurring in different places throughout the area.
  • Provide full details of the incident. Who did what to whom.  Who said what, using the exact words if they are insulting, threatening or racially motivated. Who damaged what, etc.  We appreciate this may be distressing for you but it does help us.
  • Provide the names and addresses of the alleged perpetrators involved in the incident. Identify the ringleader/s and those who actually committed the acts referred to. If others are not as actively involved name them but mention they didn’t actively participate.  On this page is a guide to help you describe a perpetrator who you do not know.
  • If you do not know their names include a description of their features, build and clothing, any nick names, vehicle make and registration, where they may live, etc.
  • Provide the names of any witnesses and their address if known.
  • Include the names and collar numbers of any police officers who attended the incident, along with incident or crime numbers provided by them.
  • Describe how the incident affected you. Damage to property, injuries sustained, loss of sleep, fear of going out or of living in your home, medication prescribed, etc. Also include the affect on any family members.
  • If you run out of space continue on a blank sheet of paper and contact the Safer Communities Team for further copies.  Copies are available to download on this web site.

What happens to the returned diary sheets?

Please return your first diary sheets within 21 days to the ASB Officer who sent them to you. We will acknowledge their arrival explaining what our next steps are and send you further copies.
The diary will remain confidential and the details not released to the perpetrators.  However, we reserve the right to give copies to our partner agencies who are involved in your complaint and they may appear as evidence in court should the case progress that far.  If you object to this please let us know. This may limit any actions we may wish to take to resolve the matter.
Your diary will be examined by the case officer and the incidents assessed to determine what we need to do to help you solve the problem, or offer you the most appropriate advice.
On occasions the case officer may visit you and the alleged perpetrator. Sometimes the Council is not the best agency to deal with your complaint and we may refer it elsewhere to other agencies.  We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint.

What should I do if I am still suffering acts of anti-social behaviour?

Keep your new diary sheets up to date, or if you do not have diaries record something in writing.  Telephone the case officer and advise that the problem is still on-going. If the incidents are serious with a risk to you, your family or your property, telephone the police.  Send in any further completed diary sheets as you think appropriate and we will review or investigate your case.

Is there an alternative to a diary?

Diary sheets are the most effective means of gathering evidence from a victim of anti-social behaviour, but not the only means.  If victims are having difficulty writing or maintaining their diary sheets there are alternative methods of gathering and recording evidence and the ASB Officer can discuss this with them.


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