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How we support victims of anti-social behaviour

Our commitment

Our Safer Communities Team is committed to supporting victims, particularly those who are vulnerable and at the greatest risk of harm. Our aim is to protect and support victims and to guide them through the process of liaising with authorities to get action taken. We take particularly seriously those incidents where victims have a disability (physical or learning), or their sexuality, their ethnicity or their faith is a feature of the anti-social behaviour, as this is usually targeted and personal.

Partners in Safer Poole Partnership have defined a vulnerable victim of anti-social behaviour as:

“Any victim of anti-social behaviour is vulnerable if the conduct in question causes an adverse impact on their quality of life and affects their ability to cope with the problem in hand. This includes risk of harm; deterioration of health or mental or emotional well being; or an inability to carry out normal day to day routines through fear and intimidation."

Our promise to victims is that;

  • every victim of accepted cases of anti-social behaviour is visited by an ASB Officer to find out what level of support they need and a vulnerability assessment undertaken
  • those identified as most at risk are referred to the Victim Support Officer and to the Vulnerable Victims Conference
  • protective measures (such as anti-vandal paint, window locks, film on windows or CCTV) will be considered following a risk assessment.

Victim support

Our Victim Support Officer (VSO) is dedicated to supporting vulnerable high risk victims of ASB by acting as a single point of contact for the most vulnerable victims, to save them the stress of going over their experience again and again with different agencies. Through a mutually agreed support plan the VSO will offer emotional and practical support to victims to help them cope with the anti-social behaviour and get on with their life.

Contact between the VSO and the victim can include telephone, text, phone, email, home visits or meetings elsewhere at a mutually acceptable venue. The type of contact and its regularity is agreed with the victim.

If a case should go to court the VSO will help and support victims through the process leading up to the hearing, during the hearing and afterwards.

Many victims’ first reaction is that they want to be moved from the neighbourhood. However, this is not always an option or the best option, and is certainly not a quick solution. Housing advice is available from Housing Services at the Civic Centre. Alongside the VSO support the ASB Officer will be dealing with the perpetrator and together we may be able to help out with:

  • a risk assessment and safety advice

  • safety devices (such as personal alarms)

  • developing a coping strategy

  • protective measures.

Useful websites

The websites listed below maybe able to offer you some more advice.

Victim Support is the independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales.

Talk to Frank is a support website that offers help and advice about drugs.

Bullying UK offers help and advice about all aspects of bullying.

Shelter is a charity that works to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing.

Addiction Services - Poole Addictions Community Team(PACT) treats adults who are dependent upon alcohol or drugs.

Rethink is the leading national mental health membership charity, that works to help everyone affected by severe mental illness recover a better quality of life.

Poole Forum and Mencap are organisations that support people with learning disabilities.

Access Dorset offers help, advice and advocacy for people with a disability.

If you need advice or advocacy due to abuse associated with your ethnicity or faith contact Dorset Race Equality Council.

Dorset Advocacy may be able to help if you are vulnerable and need your voice to be heard.

Steps to Wellbeing is available for people who are feeling depressed or anxious about issues in their life or their situation.

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