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Harassment and Violence

What is harassment?

What kind of activities class as harassment?

Harassment Complaints

What is harassment?

Harassment is an activity whereby someone behaves deliberately to cause an individual or a group of people such as a family to suffer distress.

Harassment is a criminal offence in accordance with the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and the more serious harassment cases usually involve some form of criminal behaviour such as threatening a person or causing damage.

Under section 1 of the Act, the term "harassment" applies to a course of conduct which harasses or alarms another or which causes that person distress.

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What kind of activities class as harassment?

The sorts of behaviour that are recognised as constituting harassment include:

  • Threats, either by face or by telephone

  • a range of distressing behaviour , such as following the victim, waiting outside the house/ place of work

  • making silent phone calls

  • verbal abuse / name calling

  • use of violence

  • miscellaneous actions such as sending unwanted gifts, ordering taxis / pizza deliveries etc

  • damaging property

  • carrying out any course of conduct that the perpetrator knows causes distress to another party. 

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Harassment complaints

Complainants should be advised to contact their local police who have powers under the Harassment Act to deal with the perpetrator where they are known. You should phone to report such incidents or behaviour.

A range of support measures can help overcome the feelings of insecurity and isolation harassment can cause. We take allegations of harassment seriously and we will do all we can to halt the harassment.

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