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Domestic abuse and your business

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Policy development and consultancy

Does your organisation have a domestic abuse policy in place? If not, how do you ensure that your employees are getting the right support when they need it the most? The Safer Poole Partnership’s domestic abuse specialists can help you create a comprehensive policy that meets your organisation’s needs.

Staff training

Our CPD-accredited domestic abuse training package is suitable for members of staff at all levels within the organisation and will be tailored to your organisation’s needs. After taking part in the training, employees will be able to identify the signs of abuse and support colleagues who are experiencing abuse. 

Your responsibilities as an employer

An employer’s duty of care towards colleagues experiencing domestic abuse is set out in UK law. 

The main statutes relevant to domestic abuse in the workplace include:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992
  • Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995
  • Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996.

As a large part of an employee’s time is spent in the workplace, their managers and colleagues are often best placed to identify the signs of abuse early on.

Research shows that victims often experience multiple incidents before they speak to someone about it, and some victims may confide in their colleagues before seeking professional support. 

It is your responsibility to create a working environment where such disclosures are taken seriously and acted on appropriately. 

Does your organisation comply with the law? If not, do you know what changes you need to make? 

Find out how the Safer Poole Partnership’s domestic abuse specialists can support you in making your workplace a safer place for your employees. 

How domestic abuse affects your business

Domestic abuse costs UK businesses in excess of £1.9 billion each year. This is based on frequent absences and loss of productivity. 

In the UK, one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. Therefore, in a business employing 500 staff with equal numbers of men and women, it is likely that 62 women and 41 men could have experienced, or be experiencing, domestic abuse. 

Work can be a lifeline for victims. Many see their place of work as a safe haven, and the economic independence that a salary brings is essential to those fleeing an abusive relationship. 

However, frequent absence and loss of productivity makes victims more likely to face disciplinary action and puts them at greater risk of losing their job. This also impacts on colleagues who are left to pick up their work.

Safer Poole Partnership’s domestic abuse specialists can give you the tools and knowledge you need to change your workplace for the better.

By taking positive action to tackle domestic abuse within your organisation, you can hold on to valuable staff, increase productivity and improve the well-being of your workforce.

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Domestic abuse and your business

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