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What do we Accept as Anti-Social Behaviour?

What We Accept as Anti-Social Behaviour

The Safer Communities Team at the Borough of Poole has a responsibility alongside our partners for tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Poole but is unable to deal with every complaint of ASB for a variety of reasons. 

The team’s focus and priorities are;

  • behaviours and circumstances that cause the greatest harm to individuals and communities
  • to protect and support the most vulnerable victims of ASB and we have tools to assess this

If we cannot help you we will try and signpost to where you can get help.

After an initial assessment the Safer Communities Team will accept anti-social behaviour complaints from residents, visitors, businesses and partner agencies based on the following criteria;

  • where the victim or victims are identified as vulnerable or at the greatest risk of harm
  • where locations and communities are identified as vulnerable or at the greatest risk of harm
  • where bullying, verbal abuse, threats, harassment and/or intimidation is a feature of the anti-social behaviour, whether face to face or by phone, text, email or social media
  • where property and possessions are vandalised.This is a criminal offence and the police should be informed
  • where the ASB is driven by hate and prejudice associated with the victim’s ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, gender or age
  • where there is drug dealing in a specific property or location, when we will work with Dorset Police
  • where prostitution is taking place in a property or location
  • where individuals or groups of people are causing a persistent nuisance in a location or community
  • where one party is in social housing and the other in private rent or owns their own property and the complaint does not fall in one of the categories below

The Safer Communities Team is not an active 24 hour response service and we are generally only available during office hours. If you need an immediate response to ASB, threats or violence you should contact Dorset Police on 101. If you, your family or your property are at immediate risk you should dial 999.

Due to its very nature anti-social behaviour cannot be prevented and tackled by just one agency it needs a joined up, holistic approach by the council, police and housing providers working with others to deal with the issues.

What we will not accept as anti-social behaviour

  • the Safer Communities Team cannot accept complaints of anti-social behaviour based on the following issues or behaviours because they do not constitute ASB or because other agencies or voluntary services may be able to help;
  • both parties are tenants of Poole Housing Partnership (PHP) or a housing association as they have dedicated people to deal with this
  • children playing in their own home or garden
  • children playing in the street, communal areas or open spaces
  • children or babies crying
  • noise associated with businesses run from a dwelling
  • noise and odours associated with commercial premises such as factories, pubs, shops, clubs and restaurants
  • odours created by cooking or the smoking of tobacco in a person’s home or the building’s communal areas
  • untidy gardens or properties in disrepair
  • littering or the dumping of rubbish
  • everyday living noises such as flushing toilets, heavy footsteps, slamming doors
  • high hedges, overhanging trees, foliage and branches thrown into neighbouring gardens
  • boundary and fencing disputes
  • parking disputes such as inconsiderate vehicle parking, blocking a driveway, double parking, obstruction and speeding
  • abandoned or untaxed vehicles
  • domestic abuse
  • minor neighbour disputes
  • teenagers just hanging out and being with their friends
  • nuisance associated with, or from animals, including barking dogs
  • bonfires
  • where the complaint is anonymous
  • one off incidents
  • where the team’s intervention will not result in a satisfactory outcome due to our lack of tools and powers to deal with the specific issue or behaviour

Where can I get help?

If you are suffering any of the above problems in your neighbourhood there may be another agency who may be able to help or offer advice.

Pest control, bonfires, animals, abandoned cars, loud music, littering, fly tipping, high hedges and problems with commercial and licensed premises. 

Environmental & Consumer Protection Services

Tel: 01202 261700

Tel: 0800 506050 (out of hours)

Over hanging trees, alteration to buildings, untidy sites and nuisance businesses run from home.

Planning Enforcement Team

Tel: 01202 633321

Obstruction to the highway or speeding vehicles.

Dorset Police on 101

Suspected untaxed vehicles should be reported directly to the Department of Transport.

If you are subject to domestic abuse from a partner or family member we strongly recommend that you contact the police to report it or seek help.  You can also get advice from the Poole Domestic Violence 24hr helpline on 01202 748488.  If you witness domestic abuse contact Dorset Police on 999.

For most minor neighbour disputes talking to your neighbour can often resolve the matter.  If this does not resolve your differences then consider contacting Mediation Dorset on 01305 257717 or Relate on 01202 311231.

If you are a tenant of Poole Housing Partnership (0800 6523900) or a housing association firstly speak to your housing officer.  If you are a private rented tenant or leaseholder initially contact your landlord or letting agent for advice.