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Your Borough Of Poole


Get ready to leave your home

It may be necessary for you to evacuate your home or place of work for a number of reasons, from major incidents such as floods and fires, to small scale incidents involving gas leaks. They can be at any time of the day or night and can last from a few hours to several days or longer, so it is best to be prepared.

When an evacuation takes place at the request of the Police or Fire Service, the Council will start to prepare the evacuation centre. We have already identified a number of suitable premises around the Borough. Once up and running you will be asked to go to the evacuation centre. If this is some distance, we will endeavour to provide transport.

The evacuation centre is a place for you to go that is safe and out of the weather.

We will:

  • provide a drink, hot or cold, a snack and somewhere to sit
  • ask you to register your details (this will let us know who has used our facilities and let the Emergency Services know what properties have been evacuated)
  • try to keep you informed about what is happening (this could be via messages at the evacuation centre, social media or local radio and TV)
  • have specialist staff on hand to answer any questions you may have
  • provide first aid and have medical advice on hand to help with medicines and prescriptions

We will not:

  • provide any beds or sleeping accommodation (the evacuation centre is not temporary accommodation; we would not expect you to be there for more than a few hours)

Please remember it is your responsibility to find alternative accommodation if the incident becomes protracted, or if your property has been directly affected, such as flooding. You may need to talk to your insurance company or landlord. 

If you need help while at the evacuation centre we are there to help you.

As you leave your home, remember:

  • your grab bag and emergency plan
  • essential medication, asthma and respiratory aids
  • if you have a medic alert, make sure you have this with you
  • home and car keys
  • your mobile phone and charger 
  • cash and credit cards 
  • spare clothes
  • to turn off electricity, gas and water supplies 
  • to secure your property 
  • if you are taking your car, take some extra blankets and bottled water with you

Pets and animals

Pets and animals can be a concern if you have to be evacuated, especially if it is for an extended period. Pets will not be allowed into the evacuation centre, except for guide and assistance dogs. An area will be set aside for animals. Consider asking a friend or family member to look after them for you. If you do have to leave them, leave enough food and water out for 3 days, per animal.

Please note: The council will not accept responsibility for pets.  Pet owners are solely responsible for their own pets’ safety and welfare.