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Applying For A School Place - In Year

Admission to a school part-way through the school year or in September but not at the point of entry for that school is known as an in year admission.

The point of entry for a school is the year group that the youngest children start at the school:

  • Infant, First and Primary schools - Reception Year
  • Junior Schools - Year 3
  • Middle school (Broadstone Middle only) - Year 5
  • Secondary schools - Year 7 (except Year 9 for Corfe Hills School)

Before completing the application form you are advised to read the parents’ guide and the full admission policy for the school(s) you wish to apply for.

Download and fill in the School Admissions in-year admission form to apply for a place.

All Poole school admission authorities have agreed that the Local Authority should co-ordinate in year admissions. In Year Applications for Poole schools should be made to the School Admissions Team.

There are many reasons why you may choose to change your child’s school.

If you have concerns or your child is experiencing difficulties at their current school, you are strongly advised to discuss this with the Headteacher. There is a section of the application form that must be completed by your child’s current school before returning it to the Local Authority.

It is recommended that you make an appointment to visit any school you are considering before making your application.

Schools cannot keep places available for families that might move into the area. Please call the Admissions Team to find out where vacancies are.

If you are a Poole resident and wish to make an in year application for a school outside of the Borough of Poole, you should contact the individual school(s) for details of their in year admission arrangements.

If you are applying for a school in Poole on religious grounds you must complete a Supplementary Information Form and return it with your application form. 

Please be aware that some schools in Poole are already full and moving into an area does not mean that a place will be available at the nearest school. 

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