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Report a fraudulent school application

Applying for a school place must be a fair and transparent process for everyone. Schools and local authorities must be clear on how school places are allocated. Parents and carers must be truthful when making their application.

Parents and carers must declare when completing their application that they have only completed one application and that the details provided are not false or misleading.

Admission authorities have the power to withdraw an offer of a place should an application be found to be fraudulent or misleading, even if a child has started at a school.

We carry out spot checks on applications and addresses. The Admissions Team can ask applicants to provide additional evidence in order to verify addresses and other details provided. 

Checks can be made with other council departments and with other local authorities for the purposes of verification of details including residence. 

Applications can be referred to the local authority audit team for further investigation. This may include arranging for credit reference checks to be undertaken, for the purposes of verifying an address. 

To make sure that parents and carers are not cheating and therefore taking a place away from a child that should have rightfully been given a place, we will follow up all allegations of potentially fraudulent applications.

If you think a family are making a fraudulent or misleading application contact us by: 

You do not have to provide your details, you can remain anonymous.

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