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Creekmoor Site Investigation FAQ


Is it safe for my family to use the garden of our house?

We have consulted the Health Protection Agency (HPA) who have said that they would recommend that everyone continues to use their gardens as normal. It is thought that clean soil would have been brought into all of the gardens at the time the houses were built and our tests will check this.

Can my children continue to use the recreation ground?

The HPA have again advised that the recreation ground should continue to be used as normal.

Can I eat vegetables that I grow in my garden?

The HPA have again advised that you should continue to use your garden as normal, a cautious approach would be to wash and peel vegetables before eating them and to clean muddy hands and shoes as you normally would.

What will happen to the value of my property?

If the results show that the soil is clean then you will be issued a letter which confirms this. If remediation/clean up is required then this will be undertaken and a letter or certificate will be issued to state that the site is clean. Therefore there should be no long term effect to house prices.

Will I have to move out during the works?

There is no requirement for residents to move out of their houses whilst the works are taking place. This is in line with the recommendations of the HPA.

How long will the investigation last?

All works and results should be finished and available in July 2009.

Who is paying for the investigation/Will it cost me any money?

The investigations are being funded by DEFRA (the government department responsible for the environment). You will not have to pay for any of the investigation.

What if remediation work is required but I cannot afford it?

We are still finding out who might be liable for any remediation work. Before trying to recover the costs of any remediation, the council would take into account any hardship that might be caused. At this stage we hope that no corrective work will be needed.

What is considered urgent/unsafe?

If very high levels of contamination are found in the gardens then this would be considered urgent. We would consult with the HPA for further guidance immediately.

How will serious risks be made safe?

This would depend on the type and amount of any contamination found. However it is too early on in the investigation to say what type of work may be involved to clean up the site.

How will you gain access to my garden?

We will arrange an appointment for a convenient time for you to let the contractors into your garden to carry out sampling.

How long will you be in my garden for the sampling?

The environmental consultants, URS, have stated this should be no longer than one hour. Further details will be sent to you if we need to sample from your garden.

Do I have to be at home during the soil sampling?

You do not have to be at home during the sampling although you may wish to be. Photographs will be taken to ensure that your garden is left as it was before the sampling.

How can I verify the identity of the contractors coming into my garden?

You will have been contacted to arrange a date and time to allow contractors onto your property. Everyone on site will wear an identity badge. A URS consultant will be on site whenever when work is being done. You can also telephone Environmental Services on (01202) 261700 to confirm the identity of the staff on site. 

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