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Greenspace maintenance

Poole has over 1067 hectares of greenspace covering nearly 20% of the Borough's surface.  That's the equivalent of 1491 Wembley-sized football pitches.  Made up of parks, gardens, sports pitches, nature reserves, heathland and woodland.  These areas can expect to receive up to 9.5million visitors each year (based on Audit Commissions Best Value Survey 2006/7).

Site Management

Maintaining Poole's Greenspace in a planned and considered way is essential.  It ensures that good quality and useful open space, for enjoyment and physical exercise, is retained now and into the future.  This work has been nationally recognised and three of Poole's Parks (Poole Park, Hamworthy Park and Upton Country Park) have been awarded the Green Flag Award.

The effective management of our greenspaces ensures the ongoing protection of our natural habitats.  As a result Poole has 12 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and 11 Local Nature Reserves.  These are home to all six of the UK's protected reptile species, as well as rare flora and fauna.  Maintenance operations carried out in these natural habitats often requires the consent of Natural England.  

We also work alongside the Urban Heaths Partnership to maintain our natural habitat and heathland. 

Our Open Space Strategy and legal responsibilities towards protected habitats and species guide our maintenance priorities and direction. 

Who delivers Greenspace Maintenance?

The Greenspace Maintenance Team is made up of our own employees.

  • The council's work includes the management of all greenspace and the maintenance of:
  • Poole Housing Partnership sheltered housing schemes.
  • cemeteries (including burials)and closed churchyards.
  • natural habitats
  • chines and seafronts, as gateways to Poole's blue flag beaches.
  • parks, Gardens and Open spaces including Poole Park and Upton Country Park 
  • highways, verges and roundabouts
  • Poole Housing Partnership - general needs housing areas
  • sports pitches
  • allotments
  • Poole Crematorium

The team also carry out regular play area inspections and repairs, booking sports pitches and arboricultural work.

Cleansing of greenspaces such as litter collection, hard surface weed control and sweeping is carried out by the council's Environmental and Consumer Protection Services (excluding Poole Park and Upton Country Park).

Site Maintenance

The different types of greenspace maintenance carried out across Poole falls into different categories and includes:

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Page last updated 6 March 2017

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