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Bonfires (Domestic)

Before you have a domestic bonfire, consider the more environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your waste, either in your household collection, by recycling or by taking bulky items to the Nuffield Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Residents are not prohibited from having bonfires at any time of the day as long as they do not cause smoke nuisance – defined by the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

If smoke from a bonfire seriously interferes with your enjoyment of your property you can report this to us. Smoke could be a nuisance if your house becomes full of smoke, or you cannot sit in your garden because of the smoke.            

If you really want to have a domestic bonfire please remember

  • to only burn dry material
  • not to burn materials that could result in dark smoke or toxic fumes
  • to warn your neighbours in advance
  • to avoid burning on a day when neighbours are trying to enjoy their gardens or dry washing
  • never leave a fire unattended or leave it to smoulder
  • there are no by laws that permit a bonfire before or after a given time of the day, or day of the week

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Report a bonfire or smoke nuisance

Separate legislation governs businesses

A business may be prosecuted and fined up to £20,000 if they are found to be burning material causing dark smoke.

Anyone lighting a fire and allowing smoke to drift across a road could be liable to a substantial fine under the Highways (Amendment) Act 1986.

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