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Noise from Cockerels

Do I really need a cockerel?

STOP and THINK  "Do I really need a cockerel?"

Complaints of nuisance from cockerels crowing are on the increase especially where they are being kept in residential areas due to the close proximity of neighbours.  

It is a fact of life that we all make noise. However, some types of noise, particularly if they occur regularly, or at unsocial hours, can affect other people's quality of life and the enjoyment of their property.  Cockerels may crow as early as 4.08am during British Summer Time! 

Did you know?  

  • Cockerels are not required for hens to lay eggs.  

  • If you want to breed your own chickens you can buy fertilised eggs from a reputable breeder.  Costs per egg vary from £1 to £10 depending on the breed.

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It is important to ensure the cockerel is located as far away from neighbouring properties as possible.  This may be achievable in rural areas. However, in an urban residential area such as Poole, it is highly unlikely to be effective.  It just moves the nuisance from one set of neighbours to another! 

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How to reduce noise:

  • Keep cockerels in a coop at night.  This may reduce the early morning crowing.    

  • Coops should be as dark and soundproofed as possible. 

  • Remember that any light entering the coop will trigger the crowing response.

These ideas may work in the short term.  However,  a cockerel will soon learn what the real time is and will probably start crowing again at first light.  Understandably, this is unacceptable for the neighbours.

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Competition from other cockerels

Where one or more cockerels are kept, or there are more located in the immediate area which can be up to a mile away, this will lead to the birds competing with each other.  Competition  increases the amount of crowing considerably. 

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Statutory Noise Nuisance

If you own a cockerel(s) you must ensure the crowing does not cause a statutory noise nuisance.  

The Council does not want to stop you from enjoying your hobby or pastime.  However, it is our opinion that cockerels are an inappropriate bird to keep in a residential area.  It is very unlikely that you can keep cockerels within the Borough  of Poole without causing a statutory noise nuisance

Please think seriously of the consequences of keeping a cockerel.   It is likely to bring you into conflict with your neighbours and may necessitate action from the Council.  

The end result will be you having to re-home your cockerel and possibly face formal action. 

STOP and THINK  "Do I really need a cockerel?"

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