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The Noise App

Can I use The Noise App?

If you have an Apple or Android smartphone you can use The Noise App to make a complaint about a noise nuisance.

This easy to use, free to download and use app allows you to make short audio recordings of up to 30 seconds of the noise. 

You then enter details about the nature of the disturbance using your smartphone which combine to make an electronic noise diary which can be easily shared with the council to support your complaint.

On their own these short recording are unlikely to be sufficient for us to decide if the noise is a legal nuisance but can be very helpful in demonstrating the type and frequency of the noise helping to investigate your complaint quickly.

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How to submit a noise report for the first time

When submitting a noise report for the first time, the user will be prompted to manually confirm their location details.

Users will be required to do this once only unless using the app to report noise affecting a different location.

The GPS location feature on the smartphone will validate the address entered as the recording location. If GPS location is not enabled, the User will be given the option before they submit their report to activate GPS location and validate their location.

When registering to use The Noise App, you will be requested to activate the GPS location feature on their smartphone and confirm you location. This enables the recording location to be validated for each recording when using the app.

If you decide not to enable GPS location your reports will be flagged on the Noise app database as recording location not validated and you will be made aware of this. If you submit several reports from the same location for example your home you will not have to re-enter the address data after the first recording.

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How do I turn on GPS location on my smartphone?

When you download the app if you have not already opted to allow the app to access your location you should be able to 'turn on' GPS Location in the Settings area of your smartphone. It may simply be called Location.

Under Settings, scroll down to find The Noise App, select it, then you should find the option to turn Location on or off... or similar wording.

You may find the following options:

Allow location access:

  • never
  • while using the app
  • always

You may wish to select 'while using the app'.

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How do I register my details?

Following installation you will be asked to register your details and select Borough of Poole as your service provider.

Please ensure that 'push notifications' are allowed so that you can be notified on your smartphone when the Council messages you within the app.

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How do I download The Noise App?

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Are there restrictions on what I record?

It is important that you comply with Human Rights legislation when making audio recordings. Just try to capture evidence of the noise nuisance. You must be reasonable and not intrusive.

Do not snoop on neighbours or their family.

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NB: the associated download to this page is The Noise App User Guide produced by R H Environmental.