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Nuffield Van Permit Scheme

Vans, pick-ups and commercial vehicles need a valid permit to access the HWRC.

Apply for a permit

What is the Van Permit Scheme and who needs a Permit?

This scheme has been introduced to enable Poole residents whose only vehicle is a small van or pick-up to dispose of their household waste at the Household Waste & Recycling Centre (HWRC). Residents that meet the following criteria can apply for a FREE Permit to access the HWRC in that vehicle up to 6 times per year. Permits will be granted whether the vehicle is owned, or has been provided by an employer for domestic as well as business use.


  • the only vehicle available for use by the household is a van/pick-up (one van per person)
  • permits can only be issued to Poole residents bringing waste from domestic properties in Poole.


If you are disabled and your only vehicle is a van or pick-up which has been modified for your needs, then you can continue to dispose of your household waste as normal without a permit as long as your vehicle is under 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

If you have hired a van from a hire company for a period of three days or less, it is less than 3.5 tonnes, you have a copy of the hire agreement and proof of Poole residency you can access the site to dispose of your household waste. Please note you will have to show the agreement to site staff for administration purposes.

How does it work?

Terms and Conditions

  • vans/pick ups must be under 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight
  • vans/pick ups will not be allowed to tow trailers of any size onto the HWRC
  • permits are not transferable and associated to specific vehicle registrations
  • abuse of the scheme could result in the remaining permits being cancelled
  • you can use the permit up to 6 times in any 12 month period
  • staff at the HWRC have the full authority of the council and a responsibility to question suspect loads and refuse access if necessary
  • this authority applies checks regardless of a resident holding a valid permit
  • closed circuit television (CCTV) and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) are used to monitor the use of site
  • the council reserves the right to make further enquiries regarding the owner of a vehicle or the premises from which the waste originated if our staff suspect abuse of the scheme.Where this is proven, details will be passed onto the relevant enforcement authorities and may invalidate your permit

How do I use my Permit?

As a permit holder, you will receive a permit which allows six visits to the site in a 12 month period.

The permit is open-dated (no expiry date) from the date of issue. You will not need to reapply until you have used your six visit entitlement. The earliest an application can be made for another permit is 12 months from the most recent issue date.

Ideally, keep the permit safely in your vehicle. You will need to show site staff your permit and proof of residency (e.g. Council Tax bill) each time you visit the HWRC. If you do not have your permit you will not be allowed entry.

How do I apply for / amend my Permit?

You can apply online or by phone by calling 01202 261700.

Four working days after you submit your application your permit can be collected from the information point at:

Nuffield Household Waste and Recycling Centre
92-98 Nuffield Road,
BH17 0RS

Between the hours of;

9:00 am to 4:00 pm October to March, and
9:00 am to 5:00 pm April to September

Please bring with you-

  • your existing permit (if you have one)
  • proof of identification (e.g. drivers licence)
  • proof of residency (e.g. council tax bill)
  • proof of vehicle ownership (e.g. V5 document/log book) If the vehicle is owned by your employer you will need a letter from them advising that you have personal use for the van.

When you collect your permit-

  • use the left hand site entrance with the barrier labelled "high vehicles and permit holders"
  • use the intercom system (button on the right hand side of the barrier) and advise site staff that you have a permit to collect.
  • wait for the gate to open to access the site, and drive to the information point as shown on the map below.
  • do NOT use the waste transfer station/commercial waste entrance.

Further details of how to collect your permit are provided on the application form.

Why is it being introduced?

The council approved this policy in December 2014. Permit Schemes to use Local Authorities’ waste facilities is becoming normal practice in the UK to deter abuse of the disposal of commercial waste.

As the costs of legitimate waste disposal for traders increased, the temptation to avoid these costs, by using the HWRC, became greater. Research indicates that a large proportion of waste received in vans and trailers at HWRCs could be from trade (commercial or industrial) activity.

Traders are not permitted to deposit waste from commercial or industrial activity at the HWRC as the site is not licensed to accept it. This means that the site operator, as licence holder, is breaking the law if he knowingly accepts waste from traders. The trader is also in breach of the law by delivering trade waste to a site that is not appropriately licensed. 

The Environment Agency regulates waste activities and issue and enforce the conditions of these licences through regular monitoring. It was very clear that we could not continue to effectively subsidise this illegal activity and pass the costs onto local council tax payers.


Will this Permit Scheme lead to more fly tipping?

Fly-tipping is a national problem, particularly with the escalating costs of legitimate waste disposal. However, it is something we monitor and will prosecute offenders when we have the evidence to do so. Fly-tipping does sometimes occur and some elements of our community may resort to this anti-social and criminal activity.

Fly-tipping is illegal and dangerous – to report fly tipping click here.

To assist local traders in disposing of their commercial waste, the Council provides a Commercial Waste Disposal Site, located next to the HWRC, as well as a Skip Hire Service.

For more detailed Questions and Answers click here

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