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Climate Week 2014

The Carbon Management Programme has been working in conjunction with colleagues at Bournemouth Borough Council, Christchurch and East Dorset Councils, and Bournemouth University business management students to develop an energy efficiency/carbon reduction week for the local authorities to participate in. 

Climate Week 2014
Climate Week is a national event which had more than 500,000 participants last year across the UK and is supported by over 180 organisations that represent a further 850,000 organisations and have 6 million individual members.


This years Climate Week was different from previous, as instead of a traditional 'Woolly-Pully' week format, it focussed on a different building each day. A councillor champion alongside a Carbon Reduction Energy Warden (CREW) walked around a council building with an energy survey checklist. A different councillor and CREW member was attributed for each building. The energy survey checklist comprised of questions such as, "Are there unnecessary obstructions in front of the heaters?" and "Are the lights switched off if daylight is sufficient for a working environment?" The aim of this activity was to highlight the extent of each individual building’s carbon footprint and identify simple methods in how this carbon footprint can be reduced.


There were also a number of other activities which were held throughout the week.


Bring a tea towel to work: Staff were encouraged to bring a tea towel to work to dry any cutlery, mugs and for use in the drying of hands. This aimed to reduce the number of paper towels used during the week as these have a large cost to the council and cannot be recycled. There was also a competition for the best tea-towel where the winner won a box of jelly babies!


Warp-It: The Borough has signed up to WARP-it (www.warp-it.co.uk/bop) to reduce the procurement costs of buying in new office supplies. Warp-It enables staff to reuse and recycle items which would normally be thrown away. The aim through Climate Week was to promote the use of Warp-It and upload surplus items produced by the File Fling and Stationary Amnesty.


File Fling: Each office sorted through old documents and folders which they no longer needed and put them onto Warp-It or recycled them.


Stationary Amnesty: Each office sorted through their stationary cupboard and uploaded any unwanted items onto Warp-It.


Cycle Challenge:  Colleagues were invited to take part in a ‘Virtual Bike Ride’ from Lands End to John O’Groats with a prize for the team with travelled the farthest during the week.

Team Dolphin (Children and Young People and Learning) travelled the furthest by bike with an impressive 400 miles cycled – the equivalent to cycling from Lands End to Chester! Transportation team kinetic clocked up 250 miles, team velocity cycled 180 miles and the Environment and Consumer Protection team cycled 110 miles. The combined total of 930 miles has saved 374.25 Kg of CO2 and saving £189 compared to a car trip!


Give and Take: Staff brought in any unwanted items from their homes and put them on a Give and Take table. Other staff could then claim any items they wanted. This reduced items which could have been thrown away and sent to landfill.


Water Saving: If leaks go unreported these can cost the council thousands of pounds per year. This activity involved putting posters up to raise awareness that if a leak is found, it must be reported to Property Services.


Electricity Labelling: CREW members were asked to label all of the switches and sockets to clearly show which lights they control. This is so staff can turn on and turn off the correct equipment without affecting others. The councillors checked the labelling during their energy surveys.

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