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Your Borough Of Poole

Green PEA Contacts Page

Green PEA Administrator

Borough of Poole
Civic Centre
BH15 2RU

Telephone: 01202 633029

Email: greenpea@poole.gov.uk

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The Green PEA directors have been working alongside the Borough of Poole and the Poole Chamber of Commerce since December 2012. They have volunteered their own time to help develop all stages of the scheme and have assisted in decision making processes throughout. 

Their initial audits are offered free of charge with an aim to get as many local businesses to think about their carbon footprint and consider innovative options to reduce their energy usage. All of the directors are based in Poole, which emphasises the local business ethos behind the Green PEA scheme.

We are exploring the potential to expand the Green PEA scheme outside of Poole and would welcome discussions with any interested parties.

Below is the list of our directors: 

Switched on Savings Ltd

Tony Fisher

Telephone: 0800 923 2001

Mobile: 07764850291

Email: Tony@switchedonsavings.com

Website: www.switchedonsavings.com

As a commercial energy broker our role is to save our customers as much time and money as possible when purchasing their energy contracts.

Our relationships with all the UKs suppliers means we are able to obtain the most appropriate and cost effective options regardless of our customers’ business type or market focus.

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Green Wing Technologies - magnetic energy saving devices

Jon Cullum

Telephone: 07942 860052

Email: joncullum@greenwinguk.com

Website: www.greenwinguk.com

Green Wing Technologies magnetic energy saving devices are used for domestic and commercial purposes and are scientifically proven to reduce fossil fuel consumption, helping to reduce carbon footprint. 

The products are widely used in hotels, restaurants and public houses to reduce heating bills (gas, oil, LPG, petrol and diesel). The products reduce energy bills further by eliminating lime scale on water pipes throughout a property.

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Star Consultants UK Ltd

Anita Potten
3rd Floor Keel House
244 High Street North
BH15 1EA

Telephone: 01202 971 186

Mobile: 07786261299

Email: anita.potten@starconsultantsltd.co.uk

Website: www.starconsultantsltd.co.uk

With an emphasis on reducing costs for your business, Star Consultants provide an independent telecommunications service using more than twelve years experience to recommend solutions from a range of the most up to date options on the market today.  Their advice will ensure your business receives the best available services and technology, at the most competitive price.

 Star Consultants will work closely with you to review, offer advice and reduce your costs by sourcing a telecommunications solution tailored to your company or organization.  If you are moving premises, expanding, or simply find your current telecommunications does not work for you any more, they have the right solution whatever the size of your businesses.

Star Consultants flexible partnership ensures your project is delivered on time and within budget.

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Callisto Communications

Simon Harrison
113 Surrey Road
BH12 1HQ

Telephone: 01202 389303

Mobile: 07506091948

Email: simon@callistocommunications.com

Website: www.callistocommunications.com

Callisto Communications offers complete marketing and PR support to companies, incorporating everything from press releases and local PR right through to producing a full marketing strategy. All businesses need marketing but not all businesses have the resource or the expertise to do it  themselves, and that’s how Callisto can make a difference. We are responsible for Green PEA promotion, and can help ensure all members of the scheme maximise their PR opportunities from the scheme.

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