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Sustainable Purchasing

Did you know - Many products on sale use up to ten times their weight in raw materials to produce them?

Everything that we buy in one way or another causes damage to the environment. Either in the resources used to make the product, or when the product or its packaging is disposed of.

Being aware of what you buy is one of the most important factors in working toward a sustainable lifestyle.

Buying locally is a significant factor in sustainable shopping. By buying locally you assist the local economy, helping to secure local industries and jobs. There are a growing number of farm shops and farmers markets opening up, which allow the shopper to support the local producers of food, to find out how the product was produced and to get to know the producer.

Sustainable Purchasing

  • Consider the amount of packaging. Is there a product with less packaging?
  • Consider the use of chemicals in food production. Is there an organic equivalent.
  • Consider the use of GM technology. Does the produce I have chosen use GM Technology?
  • The use of cleaning agents, is there an environmentally safe alternative?
  • Consider the purchase of recycled products e.g. toilet and kitchen paper made from recycled paper.
  • Consider the purchase and use of rechargeable batteries.
  • Consider the use of reusable shopping bags rather than those supplied by shops.
  • Remember to look for environmental labels such as Fair-trade, The soil Association Organic Standard British Farm Standard, The Freedom Food Label, Recycled Symbol.

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