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Sustainable Transport

The majority of us use transport at one time or another, whether it is our own car, the bus, train or aeroplane. A good transport system is required for the social and economic success of an area. In looking to improve the transport system we need to ensure that not only is it safe, efficient and meeting our needs but that it has minimal effect on the local and global environment.

Sustainable transport

  • Ensure that vehicles have a catalytic converter and are regularly serviced.
  • Ensure that we use reputable garages to ensure that garage waste is disposed of in a responsible manner e.g. tyres, oil etc.
  • Make a conscious effort to reduce the use of private vehicles and either use public transport, cycle or walk whenever possible.
  • Instead of running the children to school consider walking, cycling or sharing a car run with other parents in the neighbourhood.
  • Walk or cycle to work think about how much more healthy you would be and the number of calories that you will have burned off.
  • Alternatively, car share to work and reduce the number of cars on the road at peak periods.
  • Consider the purchase of alternative fuelled vehicles such as LPG and Dual Fuel.
  • Consider the purchase of cleaner fuels e.g. low sulphur.

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