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Water Conservation

Ways to conserve water

Water statistics

Ways to conserve water

Did you know - The average UK home now uses 70 percent more water than thirty years ago?

Water conservation is very important - even though we always seem to have more than our fair share of rain. Water that comes through the tap is expensive (environmentally and in financial terms) to collect, clean and distribute. Every gallon that is disposed of into the sewerage system also has to be cleaned before being discharged to the river or sea.  

Water statistics

  • Did you know you use 3 time more water having a bath than a shower?
  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth
  • If your toilet has a large old cistern, fit it with a water-saving device. They save waster every time you flush. These are lots of different types and not all of them are suitable for every toilet cistern
  • Do not peel vegetables under a running tap - put water in the sink/basin
  • Wait until you have enough clothes or dishes for a full load before you use your washing machine or dishwasher.
  • A tap that drips once a second wastes 33 litres a day - in a year that's enough for 446 showers
  • When buying new appliances, ask about water and energy efficient models. Look out for the ECO label.
  • When washing the car use a bucket and sponge rather than the garden hose or the local car wash

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