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ASSIST is the new early help service for adults with short-term care needs in Poole. It brings together several existing teams and services into one new service, to provide a person centred response to short term need. ASSIST consists of the helpdesk, START, brokerage, business support and finance teams. It provides information and advice, reablement, links to the voluntary sector and short term equipment provision.

What does ASSIST do?

Whether you need some help getting back your independence, a small piece of equipment to make your life a little easier or if you want to know what local community groups are in your area ASSIST will endeavour to meet your needs as quickly as possible in a way that suits you.

To do this, assist uses a new approach focusing on prevention and wellbeing for adults contacting the Borough of Poole for the first time and for those who require short term help. By putting a number of teams and services together into one service area ASSIST will provide more responsive, efficient and creative solutions.

What does ASSIST mean for me?

More efficient ways of working between teams and services means your needs will be addressed more quickly following initial contact. ASSIST will be aiming to deliver more short term interventions and solutions, lessening the number of cases that have to resort to formal long term care. By helping you as quickly as possible we hope to provide early, targeted services which can prevent your situation getting worse and prevent the need for longer term, most costly services.

Any urgent, complex or long term needs will bypass ASSIST and still be dealt with in the normal way. If you receive some of the services in ASSIST but it becomes apparent that you may require more formal care, then ASSIST will help to speed up the referral to our long-term teams.

How do I contact or be considered by ASSIST

Our business support team answer all of our incoming calls and they will put you through to ASSIST if appropriate. The ASSIST services includes our helpdesk team who will then take your call and help to agree with you what services would be best for you. They will make sure that you get the right support and advice as quickly as possible.

Our contact details are unchanged and all you have to do is get in touch. You can contact us in a number of ways:

Email: sshelpdesk@poole.gov.uk
Phone: 01202 633902
Fax: 01202 633634
Mobile: 07779 880212 (for texts only)
Write to: Adult Social Care - Helpdesk, Room 1, Civic Centre, Poole, BH15 2RU

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