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Social Services - Children

We provide a range of information, services and support in the area of children and young people's social services. Select a link to find the information you need.

Children and Young People’s Services at the Borough of Poole have implemented a new data protection measure with effect from 10th January 2011. External emails and attachments which contain sensitive or confidential information such as the personal details of children must be encrypted. Emails and their attachments will be unreadable except to the person or persons to whom they are sent.

If you receive a notification email with a special, ‘locked’ attachment then this can be opened, or decrypted, by the recipient only using a personal password or ‘key’. To obtain a password or ‘key’ each recipient of an encrypted email will have to register with the external service. This is a one-time, free-of-charge process done when you receive your first encrypted e-mail. Thereafter you will be able to use this password or key to open all future encrypted emails from the Borough of Poole.

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