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Blue Badge Scheme

  • Please note that it is an offence to fraudulently apply (by providing false information) for a Blue Badge and could result in a fine of up to £5,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment on conviction.
    It is also an offence to misuse a Blue Badge and could result in a fine of up to £1,000.
  • If you suffer from impaired vision and would prefer your correspondence by email or large print please inform the Blue Badge Team on 01202 633605.

  • If you wish to report an incident of abuse or misuse of a Blue Badge you may do so by reporting online or writing to us.

  • Badges have been redesigned to make them harder to alter, copy or forge. The new badges are made of a combination of PVC and PET instead of cardboard and are more robust.

  • Badges cost £10, to cover the costs of administration, production and postage. This is the first time the fee has been increased since 1983.

  • You will be able to apply and reapply for and renew a badge online: 

  • There will also be an eligibility checker for those who want to find out if they are eligible for a badge.

  • You can also apply to the Borough of Poole Customer Services for a Blue Badge Telephone 01202 633605, however, you are strongly encouraged to apply directly through www.gov.uk/apply-blue-badge as this will speed up your application. Paper applications can be obtained in exceptional circumstances only.

  • Badge holders will be able to report lost and stolen badges and update changes to their details online

WARNING –It has come to our attention that some websites are charging an upfront fee to make a blue badge application on behalf of the applicant.  Please be advised that you can make an application, free of charge, through www.gov.uk or by contacting your local authority. You will be charged a £10 administration fee if your application is successful.

  • Borough of Poole will still be responsible for deciding if applicants meet the eligibility criteria for a Blue Badge but will no longer produce the actual badge. This is now produced and issued direct to the applicant by a company on behalf of the Department for Transport.

  • Applying for or reapplying for a Blue Badge will mean completing an online application form which may involve providing in-depth information so that we can process your application effectively and take an informed decision about whether or not you may need to have a mobility assessment.  Please be advised that your GP is not involved in the process of assessing your application.

  • Independent mobility assessments for applicants where eligibility is unclear will help ensure that badges are issued fairly and consistently across the country.

  • Borough of Poole will use Occupational Therapists to undertake mobility assessments.

  • Mobility assessments will only be undertaken in cases where we are unable to determine eligibility for a Blue Badge.

  • In the vast majority of cases we will be able to determine eligibility on the information provided to us on the application form.

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