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Your Borough Of Poole


Site Tips

  • Underlined words:

    If you see these then you can "click" on them using your mouse to reach more detailed information.
  • A Hand appears:

    If you are moving over a word, an icon or picture and a hand appears then this means that you can "click" using your mouse and you will reach more detailed information.
  • Email messages:

    A quick and easy way to send a query or message over the Internet network to the appropriate person or department.

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Finding Information

There are four ways that you can find information on the web site:

  1. Search - Use this to type in your own word(s) and carry out a search for them on the website. Click on "Search" to reach this function.
  2. A-Z index - 100s of services listed in alphabetical order for you to search and access directly from the index. Click on the relevant letter at the top of every page to reach this function.
  3. Service Areas - On the homepage there is a directory showing 12 themed areas which enables you to access information using the menu structure.
  4. Links within information - The information on the web site has underlined words which are direct links to related information. You can choose whether you want to see this more detailed information or not. If you do, just click on the words.

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Follow the blue underlined hyperlinks around the site to find the information you desire.

You may encounter search forms on this site. Although they may appear complicated, they are in fact extremely easy to use. Simply select options from the pulldown lists and select checkboxes to filter search results to your requirements. Finally hit "Search!" and your results will be displayed.

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Some pages contain useful information which you will, no doubt, wish to print. Most pages will have a print icon in the top right hand side of the page, this will optimise the information on that page for printing. Follow the instructions on the pop up box and you will successfully print the desired page.

Alternatively if you want a print copy of the page as you see it on screen just click on the page you wish to print and then click "Print" from your browsers "File" menu. Follow the instructions on the pop up box and you will successfully print the desired page.

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This web site publishes numerous documents using Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). These icons next to a document means that it has been placed in a PDF and may be displayed or printed exactly as the author created the document.

To display or print the document, you must download the free Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site. The Acrobat Reader allows anyone to view, navigate, and print documents in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Follow the directions on the Adobe site to install and configure the reader for use with your web browser.

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