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Aged 16-25 Years Old

How we can help you

If you are asked to leave home by your parents the Housing Advice Team may be able to assist you with the following:

  • working with Children's Services in mediating with your parents to enable you to remain at home
  • seeking alternative accommodation if necessary
  • benefit entitlement, use our benefit calculator to check your entitlement
  • provision of emergency accommodation in some instances
  • referrals to other supporting agencies
  • referral to supported accommodation.

If you are 16/17 years of age we will always involve Children's Services as we will want them to carry out a joint initial assessment with us to determine your needs.

We will contact your parent(s)/guardian and discuss with them, the actions/issues that led to this situation. We will require you to provide us with contact details so we can do this. We will telephone your parent(s)/guardian while you are in the interview room with us so you are aware of the discussions and we will encourage you to talk to your parent(s)/guardian also, with a view to resolving issues so you can return home.

We will discuss with you the reasons why you have to leave home and where appropriate will refer you to one or more of these agencies. Leaving home in a planned way will reduce the chance of homelessness. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • safe to stay - friends may put you up for a few days, but probably can't or won't for a long period of time
  • money - how you will feed yourself, pay your rent and bills
  • belongings - what will you need to take as well as clothing e.g. bedding, maybe some furnishings, etc
  • deposit and rent in advance - most landlords are likely to want a deposit and rent in advance
  • you should try to save up for the cost of your move.
  • private landlords are unlikely to give tenancies to under 18’s.

Planning for your future

It is clear that throughout Poole many people have a genuine problem in finding appropriate accommodation. Such pressures can lead to frustration and disputes within their current home.

Being made homeless from parents, relatives or friends accounts for a large number of housing applicants it is not possible to remain at home. However, for many others the security provided by home will enable young people to plan their future accommodation needs, often with the help of housing department.

It is the aim of the housing advice team to try to prevent, wherever possible, disputes at home leading to homelessness. Although this is not always possible, the Housing Advice Team would endeavour to try to liaise with your family, enabling you to return home in a planned manner. Hopefully, this would avoid the need for emergency accommodation such as bed and breakfast accommodation, or homeless shelters,

Housing Services may have no legal duty to provide you with emergency accommodation. This will only be considered following a home visit with your family and all other options have been considered. Depending on your age, the assistance of Social Services may be required.

From April 2017 some 18 to 21 year olds claiming Universal Credit will not be entitled to help with housing costs. You will be affected if you are living in a Universal Credit full service area. Check the link to see if you are in a full service area

There are some situations where you might be able to claim Housing Benefit:

  • people receiving Universal Credit housing costs prior to 1 April 2017, until you move off Universal Credit or cease to claim those housing costs
  • certain vulnerable people
  • people unable to live their parents
  • those claiming as a couple
  • people who are not subject to all work related requirements for receiving Universal Credit
  • people who are in work subject to minimum earnings
  • people who have recently left work subject to minimum earnings (help available for a limited period)

Complete guidance housing cost list for 18 to 21 year olds.

Agencies we work with

The Housing Advice Team works closely with a number of housing and advice agencies, such as: 

Useful contacts






Dorset Reclaim offer low cost furniture for those on benefits:


Freecycle matches people needing items to those giving them away:

To find out what benefits you may be entitled to:



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