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Asked To Leave Home

If you have contacted or approached the Council because your parents or other family members have, or are threatening to evict you from the family home, we will want to know the reasons why and we will try to resolve these issues with you.

We will contact your parent(s)/guardian and discuss with them, the actions/issues that led to this situation. We will require you to provide us with contact details so we can do this. We will telephone your parent(s)/guardian while you are in the interview room with us so you are aware of the discussions and we will encourage you to talk to your parent(s)/guardian also, with a view to resolving issues so you can return home.

We will arrange a home visit and we will require the household to be present so we can discuss all the issues in the home environment. We will also refer you to tenancy support at this point if required so problems can be worked through and your homelessness prevented. 

If you are unable to remain in the family home, the Housing Advice Team may be able to assist you with the following:

  • Seeking alternative accommodation
  • Benefit entitlement, please feel free to use our benefit calculator to check your entitlement
  • Provision of emergency accommodation in some instances
  • Referrals to other supporting agencies
  • Referral to supported accommodation

We request that reasonable notice from friends or family is 28 days to allow you to find alternate accommodation.

We will then be able to go through the housing options available to you

Housing Advice Line 01202 633804.



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