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Housing Strategy 2013-2018

Housing Strategy 2013-2018

The purpose of this housing strategy is to inform local residents and partners about Poole’s housing needs and issues and set out key challenges where action will be required to help meet both current and future housing need.  It also underpins the Council’s main vision to improve the quality of life for the people of Poole.

The ambition for housing in Poole is to enable households to live in decent, warm, homes that they can afford within safe neighbourhoods and strong, empowered communities. There is a need to provide services which help address health and socio economic inequalities and support people who are likely to have fewer chances in life and be vulnerable to poverty.

How we developed this strategy

To develop a robust evidence base which would help us identify the priorities, we produced a document which set out all of the current issues and needs relating to housing. The issues and needs paper was produced in consultation with a number of relevant stakeholders

Using the issues and needs paper we carried out consultation from the 7th January to the 11th March 2013

General feedback suggested that the issues identified in the needs and issues document were in line with residents and partners’ concerns.  It was also noted that there were several important challenges to meet, and these may be difficult to achieve in the context of public sector financial restraint. The consultation has given us a focus for the actions required and helped us to identify principles and priorities.

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