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Your Borough Of Poole

Dorset History Centre and Poole's Archives

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  • Dorset History Centre and the Joint Archives Service
  • Poole’s Archives


Dorset History Centre and the Joint Archives Service

Dorset History Centre in Dorchester has, since 1991, been home to the archives service for Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset and is funded and governed jointly by the three authorities. 


The Joint Archives Service, which manages over 1000 cubic metres of material, acquires and preserves archives (dating from 965) from the three authority areas, including the Borough of Poole Archive, and makes them accessible to anyone wishing to view them. 

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Poole’s Archives


Poole, as an historic borough, has a long and fascinating history, particularly in its links to international trade. This is exemplified by collections like that of the Lester and Garland family, which documents the activities of Poole merchants over more than a century, whilst the Poole Pottery archive records the business activities and creative output of an internationally recognised company.


The archives of Poole schools, churches, political parties and local business are also held at the History Centre, as are the historical records of Poole Borough – one of the largest and most significant archives held by DHC. 


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