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Retail - Broadstone

Broadstone maintains its village atmosphere despite having grown substantially over the last few decades. The railway has gone - as has the station, goods yards and residential hotel - but they have been replaced with a bustling centre comprising a mix of both retail shops and commercial premises.

There is a strong sense of community in the village, with significant support from residents and businesses alike. People of all ages enjoy having access to the good variety of local shops, which cater for most day-to-day needs and provide a range of other services too.

Travel agents, estate agents, gift shops, news agents, florists, hairdressers, boutiques, electrical goods and restaurants are just some of the types of retail enterprise - but there are a significant number of office-based businesses as well. In fact, in a survey carried out by Broadstone Chamber of Trade and Commerce (BCTC), it was estimated that over 300 businesses are based in Broadstone - everything from sole traders working from home, to several larger businesses who have their main offices based in the village.

Broadstone's strength lies in its geography - there is a natural focus on the high street, but shopping opportunities continues both along Dunyeats Road, Station Road and Moor Road. As business opportunities continue expand beyond the high street, these other roads feel increasingly central to commercial life in the village. This feeling has been enhanced by the recent refurbishment of the Railway Hotel, now renamed 'The Goods Yard', which has encouraged more pedestrians and the championing by residents of the village Post Office, situated on Dunyeats Road.

Those who enjoy dining out could experience cuisine from a different corner of the globe every night for a week and still have restaurants and take-away outlets left to explore. Greengrocers, butchers and delicatessen - all of whom work hard to promote regional foods as well, supply fresh produce, for those cooking at home.

Broadstone - a bustling village that means business! Find out more at www.broadstone.net and www.broadstonevillage.co.uk.

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