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Your Borough Of Poole

Please Put Your Bin Out By 6am

Bin collections across Poole will begin at 6am from Friday 19 July until further notice while heatwave conditions remain.

With temperatures soaring to over 30 degrees the current weather conditions are placing considerable strain on our collection crews, who between them collect 16,000 bins every day, with each crew member walking up to twelve miles every day. To offer support to the crews, they have been offered the opportunity to start their rounds at 6am instead of 7am. 

Residents are asked to ensure their bin is out for collection on their normal collection day by 6am until further notice.

Shaun Robson, Head of Environmental and Consumer Protection Services, Borough of Poole, said: "In the current weather conditions the welfare of our collection crews is our main priority, while ensuring that services are maintained to our residents.

"We have decided to start collections an hour early while the heatwave continues. We hope that residents will understand the exceptional circumstances that have led to this decision and ask that they put their bins out for collection by 6am on their collection day."