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Council Approves High Street Initiative

Borough of Poole's Members approved the introduction of a Local Development Order (LDO) in Poole town centre High Street at Full Council on 15 May.

The LDO, which covers the area of High Street between North Street and New Orchard, will make it easier for new businesses to open up and is part of a major new initiative to revitalise and rejuvenate this shopping area.
A LDO grants permission for specific types of development in a specific area thereby removing the need for a planning application.

At present there are a number of uses in the High Street - mainly shops, financial and professional services, restaurants and cafes. However, the ability to change between these uses, and other uses suitable for High Street without planning permission is limited. Most changes of use would be subject to an eight week application process while planning permission is determined. During this time a prime retail unit would have stood vacant on High Street for two months stifling economic growth and job creativity.

The LDO will allow a change of use in this part of the town on a much freer basis without the need to submit a planning application. Local retailers and emerging businesses will be attracted by the prospect of reduced costs and time delays, with vacant units and ‘coming soon’ signs becoming a thing of the past. 
Councillor Mike White, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Inward Investment, Borough of Poole, said: "The introduction of a Local Development Order allows us to cut red tape, support new businesses and underlines our commitment that Poole is ‘open for business’. I would like to thank the residents and businesses that took the time to respond to the consultation and I look forward to the exciting new opportunities that the LDO will create."

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