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Sand Recycling Trials On Poole's Beaches

During November a trial is taking place on Poole’s beaches to assess the volume of wind blown sand and the possibility of recycling sand on Poole’s beaches.

A large hole has been dug in the sand, east of Flaghead Chine beach. It is anticipated that the naturally occurring build-up of ‘aeolian’ or wind-blown sand in this area will refill the hole over the winter months. Meanwhile, the sand taken from Flaghead Chine will be recycled back on the beach at Shore Road.

In Poole the ‘littoral drift’ or wave motion moves sand west to east along the seafront. By working with nature this trial will assess whether the effects of erosion can be balanced by the movement of sand. The recycled sand on Shore Road beach will, in time, return to Flaghead Chine beach.

Councillor Xena Dion, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for a Prosperous and Sustainable Poole, Borough of Poole,  said: "We should not be adverse to exploring new methods in finding a long-term and sustainable approach to managing our wide sandy beaches. This is an essential part of our coast protection work and has the added benefit of being a major attraction for visitors. 

"The erosion at Shore Road, if not addressed, will continue to narrow the beach and will eventually creep eastwards along the seafront. This is a ‘learning by doing’ trial which will enable us to investigate whether it is economically viable to move the sand and use nature to balance the effects."

The results of the trial will inform the Beach Management Plan (to be completed by 2016) which sets out how Borough of Poole will manage the beach for coast protection purposes.