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ASBO Success For Safer Communities Team

Borough of Poole's Safer Communities Team has recently been successful in obtaining anti-social behaviour orders (ASBO) on four individuals who separately have caused harassment and alarm to Poole’s communities.

A 16-year old male from Canford Heath received a two year ASBO after the court heard how his prolific offending affected local communities. His behaviour included theft of motorbikes, criminal damage, threats and attempted break-ins. The ASBO prohibits him from:

- Causing or attempting to cause damage to property or inciting or encouraging others to do so within the Borough of Poole. 
- Entering the garden, driveway, garage, shed or building in any private dwelling in the Borough of Poole. 
- Associating with certain named individuals. 
- Entering and/or driving a motor vehicle or sitting on a motorcycle without the permission of the owner/keeper any where in the Borough of Poole. 
- Being away from his home address between the hours of 10:30pm and 6am. 
- Contacting certain named individuals. 
- Entering Chaldon Road in Poole.

Martin Lazenby, a 46-year old rough sleeper, received a two year ASBO that prohibits him from large areas of Poole town centre because of his alcohol fuelled behaviour towards residents and businesses in the town. The asbo prohibits Lazenby from:

- Refusing to pay for any meal or beverages consumed by him in any restaurant in Dorset. 
- Refusing to leave any retail or commercial premises in Dorset when he has been asked to leave by a member of staff. 
- Self harming or threatening to self harm in any public street, restaurant, or open space in Dorset. 
- Entering certain specified areas of Poole town.

Kim Tobias Morgan, a 35-year old male of 37 Blandford Road, Hamworthy received a two year ASBO after the court heard how he was abusive and threatening to his neighbour and his parents and set his sofa alight resulting in services being called. The ASBO prohibits Morgan from:

- Having any contact with his neighbour and his parents. 
- Entering the Hamworthy area including his home address. 
- Entering a specified area of Lytchett Matravers. 
- Entering Springfield Crescent in Poole.

A 16-year old Creekmoor male has received a two year ASBO after the court heard how with his friends he intimidated staff and shoppers at the Neighbourhood Centre in Canford Heath. The ASBO prohibits him from:

- Entering the Neighbourhood Centre in Culliford Crescent, Poole. 
- Entering the area known as Adastral Square in Poole. 
- Entering the area known as Ashdown Technology College and Ashdown Leisure Centre. 
- Approaching or speaking to any person in the Canford Heath area of Poole in a verbally abusive or threatening manner. 
- Remaining in any shop or commercial premises within the Borough of Poole when asked to leave. 
- Not to associate with certain named associates.

Ian Cooke, Safer Communities Manager, Borough of Poole, said: "These latest ASBOs and the four others we have at various stages of application demonstrate the council's commitment to protecting our communities and vulnerable residents from others whose behaviour causes them harm. The message for those whose behaviour causes nuisance and harassment in Poole is that with our partners we will take what ever measures necessary to protect our communities."