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Blandford Road Closed Due To Burst Sewer - Update

**Update 1.30pm 17 February 2014**

Wessex Water have advised that work to divert the Southern Gas Network gas main was completed on Saturday which means they are now finally in a position to work on repairing the burst sewer. They have dug down approximately 4m to reach the pipe where the ground conditions are extremely wet following the recent storms. If their work continues on schedule they hope to complete the works on the pipe this week, which means they can remove the temporary pipework above the ground and so allow one lane of Blandford Road to be reopened to traffic by Sunday evening. This is subject to work remaining on schedule but we will continue to keep you updated of progress throughout the week. We would like to thank residents for their continued patience and please keep checking Wessex Water’s website for progress reports.

**Update 3pm 14 February 2014**

We have been advised by Wessex Water that Blandford Road will remain closed next week. Works by Southern Gas Network to divert their high pressure gas main are expected to be completed Saturday morning and Wessex Water will then be able to start work to repair the damaged sewer. Please continue to check Wessex Water's website for updates on how repair work is progressing. Thank you for your continued patience while this work takes place.

**Update 2.30pm 12 February 2014**

Borough of Poole is aware of traffic congestion in the area due to Wessex Water's works at Blandford Road and we have adjusted traffic light timings along Blandford Road to allow traffic to flow as well as possible through the junctions during peak times.  

We would ask drivers to obey the red signal and keep junctions clear as this will allow side road traffic to join and will also make it safer for children and parents to cross the road at school times.

Regular updates on how work is progressing can be found on Wessex Water's website.

Press release issued 4 February 2014

Blandford Road has been closed due to issues with a burst sewer between the junctions of Turlin Road and Allen's Lane.

The sewer burst on Sunday and Wessex Water have been on site trying to resolve the issue. As the sewer crosses Blandford Road there are concerns about the safety of road traffic users and therefore the decision has been taken to close the road while repairs are carried out.It is too early to say how long the road will be closed, although the indications are that it will be at least until Sunday.

Steve Tite, Traffic Manager, Borough of Poole, said: "The decision to close the road was taken as a last resort but the safety of road users in this situation is an absolute priority. With the recent severe weather there was a risk that following the burst sewer the road could collapse and we could not risk that happening while it was open to traffic. We understand that this will cause some inconvenience but we would like to thank motorists for their patience in the circumstances."

While the road closure is in place traffic will not be able to turn left out of Turlin Road but will still be able to turn right to get to Poole. Those residents in Upton will not be able to get to Poole directly through Blandford Road but will instead have to go via Holes Bay Road. 

Updates will be available on the council's social media channels via Twitter @BoroughofPoole or on the Facebook page Borough of Poole.