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Your Borough Of Poole

Poole Cleans Up After A Stormy Weekend

Council staff have been working very hard over the last few days to clear up after this weekend's storm.

Approximately 40 members of staff are currently dealing with the destruction left by very strong winds, high tide and localised flooding.

All roads that had previously been closed for flooding/fallen trees have now reopened. Works to repair a 40-70 sq mtr section of pavement in Shore Road will take place later this week. The pavement was damaged when the road was flooded by approximately 4 ft of tidal water on Friday night.

In addition staff are also dealing with/have dealt with:

*      Over 200 incidents of fallen trees/tree damage in over 70 locations in Poole
*      Staff are still dealing with several locations where trees are impacting on residential properties
*      We are prioritising work to hanging branches, trees that are impacting main roads and those which may damage property. Fallen trees on our open spaces are not being treated as a priority and may take a while to clear
*      Gravel Hill will need to be temporarily closed later this week to allow for the safe removal of two oak trees
*      During the week we will be collecting the timber which has accumulated from the tree works. This is currently staked on verges and adjoining properties
*      Three tractors are being used to clear sand from the promenade
*      Inspection of road gullies at priority locations will take place over the next few days

Local residents are being encouraged to use a qualified tree surgeon when arranging for trees to be removed from their property or garden as some rogue traders are operating in the area. The latest advice from Trading Standards can be found at www.boroughofpoole.com.

Minimal damage has been caused to the beach huts along Poole's seafront. However, 23 beach huts located in Hamworthy Park have been affected by this weekend’s storm. Eleven beach huts, none of which were tethered, have floated off their bases; only one of these has been damaged when it was blown onto its side. A further twelve beach huts, that were tethered, have moved but remain undamaged. 

Over 750 sandbags were given out to local people in Poole Quay, West Quay Road and Blandford Road. Those people wishing to keep these sandbags are being asked to store them on their property by Wednesday 19 February. Any sandbags left by the roads will be collected by the council on Thursday/Friday this week. Borough of Poole will be purchasing addtional sandbags in the event of further severe weather.

Councillor Xena Dion, Cabinet Member for a Prosperous and Sustainable Poole, Borough of Poole, said: "We would like to thank the people of Poole for their response to the severe weather at the weekend. With everyone working together to prepare for the storms, we are pleased that the disruption caused by the extremely high tides, gale force winds and torrential rain was minimised.
"We are delighted to have received many offers of help from our community over the last few days. Much work needs to be done and we would encourage the community to report any significant damage or obstruction on 01202 261700. We will be prioritising the work as it is identified. The public can make a big contibution by dealing directly with lower priority issues where it is safe and easy to do so, such as picking up storm washed litter or brushing up small branches and leaves from pathways and pavements."

Simon Legg, Street Scene Operations Manager, Borough of Poole, said: "This severe weather will have a lasting impact on our environment. During half term this week we would encourage local people to take a few extra precautions when they are out and about in Dorset. We would advise everyone to stay away from cliff tops and the base of cliffs as more landslides and rock falls could happen at any time. We would also ask people to take care in woodlands as trees may have been damaged and pathways may be blocked."