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Your Borough Of Poole

Poole Continues With Storm Damage Clear Up

Council staff are continuing to clear up damage caused by the recent strong winds, high tides and flooding in Poole.

Works to repair a 40-70 sq mtr section of pavement in Shore Road will take place on Thursday and Friday this week. The pavement was damaged when the road was flooded by approximately 4 ft of tidal water on Friday night.

Two oak trees on Gravel Hill will be felled between 9.30pm and midnight tonight. To allow for their safe removal, a temporary road closure will be put in place between Darby's Corner and Dunyeats Road during this period.

Stop/Go boards will also be in place on Thursday 20 February from 10am for the rest of the day to enable the large amount of debris and fallen trees stacked on the verges along Gravel Hill to be cleared. Council staff will also take the opportunity to check the remaining trees in the area for damage and carry out any works as necessary.

Simon Legg, Street Scene Operations Manager, Borough of Poole, said: "It has been quite a challenge to get Poole back on its feet so quickly after the recent severe weather. Nearly every part of Poole has been affected in someway, not just the areas around the Harbour. Our staff are doing a fantastic job in dealing with the storm damage and we would like to thank the community for their patience while the clean up operation continues."